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Your life is safe


Easy to use. Fall detection. Option to call a close person after pressing a button.

Risk health groups

Automated ambulance call with details of current location. Connection to an ambulance dispatcher.


Detection of a child’s breathing and heart rates. Remote access to the bracelet. Alarm to inform people nearby.

Why aibrace

LifeSavingBracelet conforms to all the aspects needed in risk situations. Combined with a personal experience of the developer it is tailored as a prevention of such situations.

Battery life

Security of a constant monitoring system is needed in case of a life threatening situation.

Remote access

Assessment of a current state and location of the bracelet bearer from the comfort of your home.

Constant monitoring

It monitors and assesses a patient’s state at all times. In case of a risk situation automatically calls help.

Easy to use

The only thing you need is to wear the bracelet. It will take care of everything else.

Said about us

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